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22 affidavit

252 affidavit (reverse mortgage)

253 affidavit

255 affidavit (agent of the attorney)

255 affidavit (assignment of leases & rents)

255 affidavit (ATTORNEY)

255 Affidavit (Collateral Mortgage)

255 affidavit (double CEMA) Attorney

255 Affidavit (extension agreement)

255 affidavit (spreader mortgage)

255 Affidavit for Wrap Around Mortgage

256 affidavit (indefinite mortgage)

260 Affidavit (Property in two states)


Affidavit – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector (NYC)

Affidavit – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector NYC

affidavit deed recorded after death of life tenant

Affidavit for an assigned contract

Affidavit for Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Affidavit for Federal Estate Tax

Affidavit for Mortgage tax refund claim

Affidavit for Residential Condo One Family

Affidavit in Lieu of Registration

Affidavit Re Escrow Being Held for 2 Properties

Affidavits for NYC RPT and TP-584

Ancient Mortgage Affidavit

Arms Length Transaction Affidavit

Attorney Undertaking – Estate Taxes

Authorization to Release Escrow Funds

Bona Fide Purchaser Affidavit

Buyer’s Affidavit UCC Cooperative Interest

Deed Transfer Over 3 Months Affidavit

Delivery Affidavit

Estate Affidavit

Estate Taxes Affidavit- No Spouse/Children

FIRPTA Affidavit

Full Force Affidavit (POA)

General Affidavit Nassau (Corporation or LLC)

General Affidavit New York City (Corporation or LLC)

Heirship Affidavit

Hold Harmless – Open Mortgage

Hold Harmless (Outstanding Franchise Taxes)

Judgment Affidavit (Similar Name)

Law 265 – Equity Seller and Equity Purchaser Closing Affidavit

Law 265A – Purchaser’s Affidavit

Law 265A – Sellers Affidavit

Law 265A – Subsequent Purchaser-Mtg Affidavit

Legally Married Affidavit

Lost Mortgage Note Affidavit From Private Lender

Mortgage Affidavit No Demand

No Consideration Deed Affidavit

Affidavit for an assigned contract

Amendment to Contract

Assignment Contract Purchase Real Estate

Building Loan Contract

Condo Contract

Contract of Sale – Cooperative Apartment

Contract of Sale – Office Commercial and Multi-Family Residences

FHA Rider

Lead Paint Disclosure Statement (Seller)

Memorandum of Contract

Miscellaneous Rider

New Construction Contract

Option to Purchase Real Property

Possession Agreement, Post-Closing

Possession Agreement, Pre-Closing

Purchase Agreement

Purchase Money Mortgage Rider

Purchasers Retainer

Referees Report of Sale

Residential Contract – Spanish

Residential Contract of Sale

Sellers Retainer

Termination Contract of Sale

Time of Essence

Vacant Land Contract of Sale

Orange Recording Cover Page

Putnam Recording Cover Page

Suffolk County Cover Page

Bargain and Sale Deed with a Life Estate

Bargain and Sale Deed with Covenant

Bargain and Sale Deed, without Covenant against Grantor’s Acts – Uniform Acknowledgment

Boundary Line Agreement

Cancel LP by Stipulation CPLR 6514 (d)

Certificate of Resolution

Certificate of Resolution (Seller)

Consent of Shareholder to Sale or Lease

Consent to Change Attorneys

Coop Alteration Agreement

Driveway Easement

Executor’s Deed

Health Care Proxy

Lienor’s Estoppel Certificate

Mechanics Lien – Extension

Mechanics Lien – Release

Mechanics Lien Notice

Notice Of Appearance

Notice Of Lending

NYC Real Estate Tax Return

Owners Estoppel Certificate

Owners Registration Card

Partial Release of Judgment From Premises

POA – Medical Full Force

POA – NEW NY Statutory Gifts Rider (Effective 9-12-2010)

Power of Attorney Effective 6-13-2021 Short Form

Power of Attorney Full Force

Quitclaim Deed

Reciprocal Driveway Easement

Referee’s Deed

Release of Judgment

Release of Power of Appointment

Revocation Of Durable Power Of Attorney

Satisfaction of Judgment

Stipulation Discontinuing Action

Warranty Deed with Full Coventants

Assignment of Assignment of Leases Rents

Assignment of Mortgage with Covenants

Assignment of Mortgage without a Covenant

Attorney Guarantee Letter

Attorney Opinion Letter


Building Loan Mortgage

Certificate of Directors’ Resolution to Mortgage

Consolidated Mortgage

Consolidation Extension Modification Agreement

Exhibit A – CEMA

Extension Agreement

First Mortgage

Fixed Adjust Rate Note

Fixed Adjust Rate Rider

General Release Corporation

General Release Individual


Mortgage (Short-Form)

Mortgage (Subordinate)

Mortgage Note

Mortgage Recording Tax Return (MT-15)

Mortgage Splitter Agreement

Release of Part of Mortgaged Premises

Satisfaction of Mortgage

Subordination Agreement of Mortgage

Subordination Agt Mod Form 3748

Termination of Assignment of Lease & Rents

UCC Amendment Addendum (UCC3ad)

UCC Financing Statement

UCC Statement – Co-op (UCC1ccd)

UCC Statement Amendment (UCC3)

Affidavit – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector (NYC)

Affidavit in Lieu of Registration

Columbia Transfer Tax

ETAX Forms

IT2663 2021 Instructions



IT2664-2015 Instructions

Peconic Bay

Peekskill Transfer Tax

Preliminary Registration

Red Hook Transfer Tax

Suffolk County RP-5217

Town Of Warwick Transfer Tax

TP584 307

TP584 Fill In

Yonkers Real Property Tax Return