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American Dream Abstract is passionate about educating those who may not fully understand title insurance. We believe knowledge is power, so let us provide value to you by educating you on things you may not have known before! Let us help you build your confidence in this chaotic field of real estate. We want to be your “Title Resource”!

Celebrating Knowledge and Growth with Main Street Success!

Amy Anthony from American Dream Abstract was happy to teach aspiring Real Estate Agents more about Title Insurance!

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Bringing It Back Old School with a Bang!

Bringing it Back Old School at our CE Class!

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Inspiring Future Minds at Pat-Med Career Day!

Presenting new opportunities to young minds at Pat-Med Career Day!

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The Puzzle Pieces of a Real Estate Partnership!

A Big Thank You to the Attendees of Our CE Class!

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Food, Drinks, & Homebuyer Tips!

A Heartfelt Thanks to All Who Joined Us to Explore the Home-Buying Journey! 🤝🏡

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Why Every Homebuyer Should Have Title Insurance!

Title insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects homebuyers and mortgage lenders against financial losses caused by defects in the title of a property. Title defects can include a variety of issues, such as undisclosed liens, boundary disputes, fraud, forgery, and other legal or ownership problems.

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Lunch & Learn Recap!

We want to say thank you to everyone who joined us for our Title 101 “Lunch & Learn”!📚🙇

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