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Owner & President

Jodi Brust

Owner and President

Sales Dream Team

Amy Anthony-Jeffries

Sales Team Leader

Mike Quinn

Title Closer and Senior Account Executive

Robert Brust

Account Executive

Nicole Brust

Sales & Marketing and Client Contact Coordinator

Neil Koenig

Senior Account Executive

Andrew Brust

Account Executive, Post Closing File Compliance

Ariyanna Morgan

Account Executive

Mark Bachmeier

Account Executive

Production Team

Amy Anthony-Jeffries

Office Manager

Robert Brust

Application Department

Caroline Bancroft

Title Production

Kathryn Stockton

Clearance Officer

Closing Team

Christina Svoboda

Closing Coordinator

Debra Rosado

Closing Department and Office Assistant

Post Closing Team

Eileen Taurisano

Recording Department

Anthony Brust

Post Closing Department and Survey Inspector