Our History

American Dream Abstract, Inc. opened its doors on April 3rd, 2006 and has been providing clients with quality title insurance and real estate services throughout New York State ever since.

We believe customer service is the most important aspect of the title ordering process. We customize the way we work with each of our clients, so that it is tailored to meet their individual needs for both residential and commercial transactions. We pride ourselves on our swift turnaround time, along with accurate and efficient title services, to insure our clients quick and smooth closings.

Each year we continually build and with each year of growth we add to our knowledgeable and experienced staff. When a new member joins our team, we help them take the skills and experience they have and further train them in all facets of the title insurance industry to assist our clients with the expertise they have come to expect.

American Dream Abstract, Inc. believes our success is built on the relationships we share with our clients. We are grateful for the people we meet through each new transaction and for the opportunity to not only gain them as a client, but to also call them our friends. Our clients become part of our Dream Team family because of the personable, friendly and professional service we provide.

We are customer obsessed and continually strive to over-deliver.

Jodi L. Brust, Owner and President

Jodi is the proud owner and President of American Dream Abstract, Inc. She opened the doors to American Dream on April 3rd 2006 after working for another title company for over a decade where she was handling every aspect of the title process from application to closing. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's business as well as leading the company's center of excellence on customer service. She is the heart and soul of American Dream Abstract and her ambition to succeed is behind everything the company has accomplished.

Jodi is the company's team leader who takes a hands-on approach in her business. Jodi prides herself in training all of her employees and enjoys showing them the team approach. Her knowledge and diverse experience in residential and commercial transactions gives her the ability to observe clouds on title by paying close attention to detail. Her success in clearing said clouds on title ensures fast & smooth closings.

Her reputation and professionalism provide a high level of integrity and her daily passion is to exceed the quality and customer service expectations of our clients, as well as other parties involved in the real estate transaction. She has established and maintained excellent client relationships, which has led to the growth of American Dream Abstract's business and client base.

Neil Koenig, Senior Account Executive

Neil has been with the company since opening in 2006 and is one of the driving forces behind our Business Growth and Expansion over the years. He is one of our leaders and helps run the customer relations department. He is a Big part of American Dream's success because of his work ethic and personality, which are the two traits that make him stand out and add to the success of our team. No challenge or work load is too big as Neil assists in the day to day management of the staff and office procedures. His friendly and positive attitude is contagious and it reflects in our customer service to our clients. His pursuit of excellence parallels American Dream Abstract's drive to excel and provide quality services to our clients.

Amy F. Anthony, Senior Account Executive

Amy began working in the title industry in 2002 as a file clerk during the real estate "boom." Having been a real estate agent, working at a title company seemed like a natural next step. Her title career began with an entry level position and has grown into a leading role with American Dream Abstract after joining us in 2007. Amy has held various positions within the company as it has expanded over the years and now is our Senior Account Executive in charge of customer accounts and customer relations.

Amy's loyalty and dedication to American Dream has given her the honored place of being Jodi's "right hand woman." She is an expert at building positive relationships with customers and employees. She is skilled at mentoring new members of the office team to achieve success through constant positive reinforcement.

Her experience in sales enables her to sense the individual needs of clients, which gives our company the ability to offer title insurance with a personal touch. Amy specializes in building a personal rapport with our clients and enjoys the challenge of seeking new client opportunities. Amy's motivation consistently exceeds company expectations, which has lead to the company to continually securing new clients and increasing client relationships.

Mike Quinn, Title Closer and Account Executive

Mike began his working relationship with American Dream Abstract as a title closer in the early part of 2007. Mike continues to expand his knowledge and experience in the title industry, as both a title closer and as an assistant, working hand in hand with Attorneys representing lenders to close real estate transactions. His in depth sales background and his personable style paved the way for him to become an Account Executive for American Dream. Mike's loyalty and dedication to American Dream has made him successful in securing clients and he continues to pursue potential clients. He brings a certain style to the closing table and to the office that is a great asset to the company.

Caroline Bancroft, Title Production

Caroline joined the American Dream Team in 2010 in a part time position to assist with handling phone calls, filing and utilizing her accounting skills working with Jodi to assist her with the bookkeeping needs. Caroline quickly exhibited the knowledge she was attaining in understanding the title process and earned a position in the application department. With her work ethic and due diligence, she began to take part in the process of completing the title orders from start to finish.

As Caroline has grown in her knowledge of the complete title process, she now works alongside Jodi, to examine, read and type the title reports. She also works closely with Jodi to anticipate any clearance issues on a file that need to be addressed prior to closing. Caroline is also responsible for reading in the surveys and inspections after they are completed.

Caroline has grown with the company and the continued changes that are a part of the title industry. She is a wonderful asset and a vital part of the team effort that is the foundation of our success.

Eileen Taurisano, Recording Department

Eileen was brought on board in the summer of 2015 to run the Recording Department. With the increase in volume of closings happening, Eileen immediately took charge of the department and shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with the team. Eileen has over 33 years of experience, as both a paralegal in the mortgage industry, as well as her expertise as a recording clerk in recording both Residential and Commercial transaction documents in all 62 counties of New York State.

Eileen pays careful attention to detail and reviews every single document that is sent for recording. She works closely with our title closers to address any issues that arise on documents that are turned in, making sure that any items that need to be addressed are taken care of in a timely manner. She takes the responsibility of complying with the Underwriter given timeframe to have a document properly recorded very seriously.

Eileen also works hand in hand with Tony, our on-staff Suffolk County recording clerk. Having an on-staff recording clerk is an asset that many other abstract companies do not offer. It affords us the ability to know exactly when a document is recorded. Eileen and Tony communicate on a daily basis to insure that all recording documents are handled promptly for our clients. Eileen quickly became part of the dream team, not only with her attention to detail and diligent follow up on recordings, but with her sense of humor, quick wit and nurturing nature.

Valerie Berry, In-house Examiner/ Title Production

Valerie began working at American Dream during an upswing of business and the midst of the company nearly doubling in staff size in summer of 2017. Valerie brought a very unique and needed asset to our team as a title examiner with over 30 years of experience. She stepped right into her new role splitting her time between the County and in the office assisting with various responsibilities. Valerie enjoys having the ability to utilize her knowledge as an examiner working at the County abstracting titles, pulling copies of documents and running special searches as needed.

Valerie is an independent self-starter who is not afraid to pitch in and help in whatever needs to get done. While in the office, she works alongside Jodi handling client title applications, assisting with clearance questions from an examiners perspective and typing the reports she generates to get to the clients in the timeframe they have become accustom to.

The timing for the addition of Valerie to our team was seamless. Her warm and friendly personality fits right in and has made her a valuable member to our growing team.

Christina "Tina" Svoboda, Closing Coordinator

Tina came to American Dream in the early part of 2018, as a welcomed addition to our experienced team. Her upbeat personality and happy demeanor made her an easy fit into the office staff team. Tina has worked in the title insurance industry for over 20 years and is well versed in the complete title process from application to closing.

Tina has joined our team to take the lead Closing Coordinator roll to handle the ever-increasing volume of closings. Tina prepares the closing packages from beginning to end and everything that goes along with it. From ordering title and tax contins to preparing all policies needed for closing. She also reviews any outstanding title report items with Jodi to insure there is nothing that will prevent a smooth closing for our clients.

Anthony "Tony" Brust, Post Closing Dept. and Survey Inspector

Tony has a long history with American Dream, as he initially began working with us "as needed" as a survey inspector in 2007. Having Tony as an in-house survey inspector helped us achieve the "hands-on" approach we were looking to accomplish. After he conducts an inspection, he works hand in hand with our reader, Caroline, to review the inspections and discuss pertinent information, as needed.

Tony joined our team in February 2019 on a full-time basis. In addition to survey inspections, he takes care of recording documents at the Suffolk County Clerk's Office, as well as accompanying the Post- Closing department. His past experience and ownership of his own business has provided a great background and experience in transitioning to be an asset to the Dream Team.

Tony's quiet demeanor and superior work ethic has made for a smooth adjustment to working in an office full of women.

Debra Rosado, Closing Department / Office Assistant

Debra joined our team in early 2020. She has a diverse background in customer service as well as real estate leasing and property management. She brings a positive energy and enthusiasm to our office. Debra began training in the Application Department and assisting with the phones. After training and developing knowledge of the title world Debra moved from the Application Department to assist in the Closing Department. When a closing is set she schedules and secures a title closer as well as preps the file. Working alongside Tina she assists in preparing the Title Closing packages. Debra is always willing to step in and provide assistance however she can. She has been a wonderful addition to our Dream Team.

Briana Struss, Application Department and Office Assistant

Brianna began working in our Application Department in Summer of 2020. She quickly exhibited her expertise and background in data entry and accounting while training with Jodi in the Application Department. It is a department that requires attention to detail and expertise to ensure all data is entered correctly from the beginning of the order process. Jodi enjoys working with a "blank slate" so to say, as Briana did not come to American Dream with any title industry experience, so she is able to train Briana and build her knowledge from the ground up. Briana has been a perfect fit and continues to grow in her knowledge in our office setting and is now training with Jodi to assist with post-closing record keeping. Briana is a warm and friendly young lady who thrives on being a team player and assisting in whatever way she can.

Kathryn Stockton, Clearance Officer

In Fall of 2020, we welcomed Kathryn back to the "Dream Team". Kathryn worked with us previously, 9 years ago during the Refinance Boom on a part-time basis. She returns to us to join the Clearance Department. With her wealth of knowledge of 25 years of experience in the title industry, she will be working alongside Jodi with clearance issues and closed file clearance requests. Kathryn will also be reviewing files prior to closing to address any open issues before a closing is scheduled to insure a smooth closing for everyone. We are grateful to have Kathryn as an integral part of the American Dream Team.

American Dream Abstract, Inc. believes our success is built on the relationships we share with our clients. We are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and we welcome the opportunity to show you how. Call us for your next title order or abstract needs as we look forward to serving you.