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Keith Caputo: The Heartbeat of Helping Makes U Happy

Keith Caputo: The Heartbeat of Helping Makes U Happy

For those who graced the Dream Big Holiday Benefit in 2021 or 2022, the name Keith Caputo surely rings a bell. If you’re new to our Dream Big family, allow us to introduce a local hero: Keith Caputo. Together with his mother, Cassy, Keith founded the non-profit, Helping Makes U Happy. His daily acts of kindness have become legendary in our community.

keith caputo with presents
keith caputo as santa

Our inaugural Dream Big Benefit saw us raise a heartwarming $10,000 for Keith and Helping Makes U Happy. Last year, we were privileged to donate hundreds of gifts to support his cause. This year, we’re thrilled to share that Keith, embodying the spirit of Santa Claus, will join us once more! 🎅

We recently received a touching letter from our very own Santa, Keith Caputo, which we’re eager to share:

letter from keith caputo as santa

“Dear Dream Big Guests and Supporters,

Theres nothing like the “happy” you get from helping others!

I am so delighted and oh so excited,
to visit you all at this amazing gala ball!
Could I ask you a favor, for you to be so kind,
by helping me keep our local families in mind.
I will bring my Santa sack with the hopes and ‘believe’,
that we will fill it for all our families in need!
Bring an unwrapped gift…
a kitchen towel, a toy, or maybe a decoration,
so together we can all bring Christmas joy
and be their inspiration!!

Christmas is a ‘feeling’ and a time to share,
so fill my Santa sack to show that you care.
I’ll spread the joy from near to far,
and remember how very special you are!

Warmest wishes,

Santa Claus (or as you know me, Keith Caputo)”

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